Our research network spans across different disciplines and clinical research areas. Yet the special blend of talent in the consortium allows us to function in a coordinated and highly productive manner. All of the team members have experience in collaborative networks, some extensively so, and we are mindful of working on joint projects with opened shared resources, personnel, and data. Our most radical step to ensure high creativity, productivity and added value as compared to individual projects is to strictly share funded scientific personnel between a more clinically and a more basic science oriented researcher. These so-called tandems are the scientific nuclei of the project. They all focus on a clinically relevant problem in current molecular imaging. Each research tandem co-supervises a junior investigator (6 postdocs, 5 PhD students) and shares a common budget.

Organizational tandem structure of the Molecular Imaging Network Zurich

A tandem heads the network as well, again mirroring the overall organizational strategy of the network. Prof. Dr. J. Hodler, Director of the Department of Radiology USZ and Prof. Dr. M. Rudin, Director of the Animal Imaging Center, will act as co-directors of the network for the first three years. We also propose an executive board, consisting of four scientific PIs and the Project Coordinator, who will lead on an operative level major responsibilities.

  1. Scientific Coordination (Prof. Dr. B. Weber).
  2. Teaching (Prof. Dr. S. Kozerke).
  3. Finance (PD Dr. Dr. A. Boss) and
  4. Communication (Prof. Dr. S. D. Krämer)
  5. Project Coordination (Dr. A. Siebert)