Molecular Imaging Network Zurich (MINZ)

Molecular imaging is a rapidly growing field in the life sciences and has emerged as an indispensible clinical tool. Zurich has a leading position in various areas of molecular imaging research.

We integrate them into a clinical research network. The main objective of this initiative is to capitalize synergies among existing laboratories and to provide external users with state-of-the-art molecular imaging technology for translational research. More specifically, the network’s aims are

  1. To strengthen translational molecular imaging.
  2. To accelerate the clinical integration of novel molecular imaging approaches.
  3. To create synergies among molecular imaging research, across University Hospitals, ETH and UZH.
  4. To prioritize the communication among young scientists in the field of molecular imaging.  
  5. To develop a multidisciplinary teaching platform for molecular imaging.

The research network spans across different disciplines and clinical research areas. Such a multidisciplinary network requires distinct organizational measures to optimize its scientific performance. Our most radical step to ensure high creativity, productivity and added value as compared to individual projects is to strictly share funded scientific personnel between a more clinically and a more basic science oriented researcher. These so-called tandems are the scientific nuclei of the project. All tandem projects focus on a clinically relevant problem in current molecular imaging.

Examples of molecular imaging techniques in basic and clinical science